Choose your favorite song and we’ll make it live!

Live Jukebox

Discover our tiniest musical show.

One or two female singers will sing live at your event. They will sing songs from our repertoire on top of the bases that we have recorded in studio that will sound from the vintage jukebox machine.

Do you ask the DJ to play your favorite song?

Are you one of these people that loves karaoke but hates untuned voices?

Good news then: listening out of tune voices will never happen again.

Now it’s your turn!

OK but… ¿is this thing actually working?

Sure! We have created our own updated version of these antique jukebox machines.

Go back to the discos and bars from the 60s and 70s. Insert one of our coins in the jukebox, choose a song from the repertoire… and enjoy it! Our singer or female duo will sing it on top of the base played by the machine.

Maybe a jazz by Ella Fitzgerald? A ballad by Etta James? A rock’n roll from Little Richard’s era? With Live Jukebox your guests have the rhythm in their hands!

What if my guests are kind of shy?

Don’t worry at all. Our stewardess or the singer will break the ice and show your guests how to ask for their favorite songs.

This format is fantastic for not that big events; a birthday party, a dinner in a restaurant… even for drinks at you place! You’ll create an intimate and elegant mood.