Serve yourself a drink on the rocks in our SELF-SERVICE BAR while listening to the best syncopated jazz.

The Jazz Club opens its doors tonight

Village Vanguard, Cotton Club, Birdland… Let the legendary clubs from New York come back to life while listening to 40’s and 50’s live music. Our repertoire is 100% pure jazz and we can play it instrumental or with a female singer.

An intimate dinner? Maybe a huge audience? Don’t worry, the band can be adjusted depending on the occasion.

Who is coming to the club?

Piano, drums and double bass are always invited. We can extend the invitation to our horn section, that can include saxophones, trumpets and/or trombones.

Have you thought of a female singer? She came in through the artist’s door and is doing her make up in the dressing room. She will be on stage in a minute.

May I join the band?

Of course. Fortune favors the brave!

Take a selfie while our musicians play classics from the jazz era. Mingle with the band and serve yourself a drink in our SELF-SERVICE BAR. Ice-cubes, glassware and liquors are waiting for you and your guests at the back of the piano.

Are you a jazz-lover? Welcome to the club!