Keep it simple cocktail catering

Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Gin Tonic… choose your favorite cocktail and our cabin crew will prepare it from our cocktail bar.

Welcome on board

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Cabin Crew Cocktails. Dressed for the occasion, our cabin crew will go to your event and prepare your favorite cocktails.

We adapted plane trolleys into mobile cocktail bars which create a fast and easy-serving catering. The stewards can walk amongst the guests with the trolleys or can be placed in the same area during the whole event.

Less is more

One trolley, two cocktails.

Offering just two types of drinks we can handle a small amount of ingredients and serve the cocktails quite fast.

Cabin Crew Cocktails takes a small spot at your party (the trolley actually fits a plane aisle!). And what is best, your guests will easily see our crew and the drinks that are offered. Maybe a Margarita & Dry Martini bar… an Aperol Spritz corner combined with Moscow Mule…

Choose two of your favorite cocktails, classic or new age… or choose two options from our Cabin Crew Cocktails Menu*.

We are ready for take-off

Our staff can adapt to big events and small private parties. Do you expect lots of guests? Several trolleys and barmen will take care of them. A dinner at home? We are your mobile cocktail bar.

We will prepare the budget proposal according to each occasion, taking into account the type of drink to be served, number of drinks and duration of the flight.